Website Translation Services

Are you looking for an experienced website translator who can quickly translate your website into at least one other language? UK Translation Services provides trained website translators who understand your business terminology and will translate your website in no time at all at a price that is more than competitive.

Our professional Website Translators are based in their native country where they are in constant contact with their mother tongue language and will ensure your web copy is accurately translated and correctly formatted for immediate use. By using in-country translators we can also help keep your costs to a minimum and deliver your work to deadline much faster than you think.

Many of our Website Translators belong to leading industry bodies such as IoL (Institute of Linguists) and ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) having supported firms like yours all over the world and passed important translation exams. Others have at least several years experience translating a wide range of websites for all types of business from manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies, IT and media firms, financial and legal organisations, blue chip firms and multinational companies.

Our website translators are culturally aware and au fait with cross-border legislation that may impact your business sector. By working with the latest translation memory software, your web translator will complete your work with the minimum amount of wastage, ensuring that your website is efficiently translated in a timely manner and at a reasonable cost.

Whether your website is large or small or requires translating into one language or multiple languages, our Website Translators can turnaround any kind of website from legal and medical to government and defence, IT and media, pharmaceutical and life sciences, business and technical, financial and telecommunications.

World Internet statistics speak volumes for website localisation

World internet use has grown from 360,985,492 users in 2000 by over 400% to just under 2 billion users in 2010. With over 200 million non-English speakers currently accessing the internet and one in five users more likely to purchase from sites that are translated into their own language, the benefits of translating your website by far outweigh the convenience of limiting yourself to one language.

Your website may already enjoy reasonable traffic volumes or orders from overseas customers, but just think of the extra sales, higher visitor numbers and increased marketing presence you could achieve just by translating and localising your website into multiple languages.

We can translate your web video content

Your site may stream video content in your source language, which may not readily be understood by overseas visitors. One of our web translation services is to take your original, source video files and translate them into the language(s) of your customers. This can be done either by changing spoken words with a voiceover by a mother tongue speaker, or by adding written subtitles to the film.

If you are looking to drive more traffic to your website, we also offer experienced SEO translators who understand the techniques of getting your website to the top of international search engines so your overseas customers can find you more easily. This can help you grow your client base as well as promote your brand to new audiences, which is essential if you are to stay ahead of the competition.

For more information on website translators or for a free quote, simply call us on 0800 102 63 17 or email us at: and we’ll get back to you right away!