Media Translation

Media translators

Getting your media translation absolutely spot on is essential if you are to avoid costly mistakes in translation that could end up costing you more than you think. We take the hardship out of translation by making sure your documents are always translated by experienced, professional translators who know your field of media and entertainment even better than you.

Many of our mother tongue translators are registered with leading industry bodies such as IoL and ITI and have passed important interpreting exams so you know you are always in good hands. As well as this, you will appreciate that our mother tongue translators usually live in their own country where they speak and write their own language daily in addition to working with important media and entertainment groups, production companies, news and publishing houses across Europe and the rest of the world.

We can handle over 350 languages in almost any language pairing and can turn around your documents often within 24 hours or less. Once translated your account manager will work with the translator to ensure your work is proof read, accurate and fully formatted for your immediate use back at the office.

By working with the latest terminology databases and translation memory, we can also help cut your end translation fee on bulk documents as up to 30% of the work is already pre-translated and stored in our software. This ensures that documents containing standard or common chunks of text are not re-worked, thus saving you substantial time and money on your next translation.

We can translate most types of media and entertainment documents within your required deadline:

  • Press releases and media statements
  • Marketing and publicity materials
  • Film and documentaries
  • News and feature articles
  • Advertising slogans
  • Brand localisation
  • In-flight movies
  • Training videos
  • Music and promotional videos
  • Newspapers, magazines and books
  • Websites and social media

For more information on our range of media and entertainment translation services, please call us on 0800 102 63 17 or email your booking request to