Medical Translation and Interpreting

Medical interpreting

The ever increasing immigrant and refugee population across UK means professional medical interpreters are now more relevant than ever. Many refugees and displaced individuals who do not speak English as their first language are easily confused and put off seeing their doctor or medic, leaving often critical situations until the last moment that need immediate care.

Only the best medical interpreters will do

This is where we come in. We only hire the top, professional medical interpreters in the industry who have been carefully vetted for their experience and have supported all types of medical institutes, clinics, hospitals and medical research laboratories right across the UK.

All our Medical Interpreters are fully qualified and are registered with the NRPSI for your full security and peace of mind. Whenever you hire a medical interpreter, you can relax in the knowledge that your mother-tongue interpreter will accurately interpret every detail of your meeting or appointment without fail. We also make sure that your interpreter is au fait with all medical terminologies and if needed to be, we can supply someone with specialist knowledge if your medical field is specific.

Medical interpreters for a wide range of healthcare settings

We supply medical interpreters for a range of healthcare settings including hospitals, clinics, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, day care units, technical laboratories, research institutes. Medical interpreters can support a whole host of situations involving patients, nurses, doctors and physicians where the interpreter is expected to intervene between a patient and a doctor or sometimes on behalf of a family member or patient’s representative.

Medical translators

Medical translation is no easy task where every single word has to be spot on and there is no room for ambiguity. This is why we only work with the best medical translators in the industry who have years of experience working with the NHS, GP’s, dentists, veterinary surgeons and private practice where they have carefully honed their technique to perfection.

Qualified to post-graduate level in a relevant medical, scientific or technical discipline, our Medical Interpreters are well versed in your field of medical practice and have an in-depth understanding of all current medical terminology in the source language and can provide fast, accurate and unbiased translation into the required target language.

Due to the nature of medical translation, we always ensure that our Translators are thoroughly checked for their qualifications, experience and professional references before coming on board. We also use a combination of online testing and telephone interviews as well as undertaking stringent security checks before an interpreter is assigned to your company.

We provide qualified medical translators to support a wide range of needs, including hospital assessments, translation of medical records, medical transcription, dental appointments, patient interviews, GP visits, prescriptions, patient reports and medical journals. All our Medical Translators are highly discreet and treat your work in the strictest confidence having gained important industry accreditation and by signing our own client confidentiality agreement.