Non-verbatim Transcription Services

UK Translation Services is your one stop shop for all audio, digital and video transcription, if you only require basic transcription, we offer a range of non-verbatim transcription services where only essential points and ordinary content is transcribed.

Summary transcription

Useful when only a basic summary or overview of a conversation, meeting or recording is needed. Only the core information is transcribed with our transcribers typically listening to your file just a few times to capture the essence of what it is about. Similar to draft transcription, summary transcription can be handy when you are limited by time constraints and need an immediate transcription of your conversation.

It is important to note that we never consider summary transcriptions to be a cheap alternative to other types of transcription as they simply fulfil a need where high level content and accuracy is not an absolute requirement or to provide a stop gap to a more detailed transcription.

Basic transcription

More detailed than summary transcription, we will transcribe the core or backbone of what has been said without making any changes to style, grammar or referencing the way in which words have been expressed. For e.g. a typical basic transcription may read as follows:

Content transcription

The transcript is edited for smoothness, clarity and grammatical accuracy. Our transcribers edit your material as they go along, making any necessary grammatical corrections, eliminating any utterances, interruptions, pauses , slang or emotional inflections. This ensures that your end transcript is free of any glitches, unnecessary details or misleading comments, providing the overall gist of the recording.