Subtitling And Voiceover Translation Services

Do you need a voice-over artist for your next film project, or maybe you prefer to retain the original actor’s voices and require the dialogue displayed on the screen? If you are planning to launch your next feature film, documentary, training video or short film on a pan- European or international scale, UK Translation Services has the resources to help you achieve your goals with the minimum amount of fuss.

A growing number of film and media firms all over the world turn to us whenever they need a film or production project transcribed from their original language before subtitling or voiceovers are carefully added.

We provide low cost, quality subtitles and voice-overs for:

  • TV and radio
  • Film and documentaries
  • Digital media
  • Advertising and corporate business training.

How do film subtitles work?

Depending on the nature and content of your material, subtitles are an increasing popular way of conveying what an individual, actor or character says by translating spoken words into text that is normally displayed across the bottom of a screen or visual display interface. Many films, documentaries and TV shows use this format to accurately convey what is said.

Subtitles - original voices are retained

Subtitling works by displaying the translated words on the screen so that they appear at the same time as the words are spoken in the source language. They are used to explain what an actor, presenter, spokesman or individual is saying and must be correctly synchronised with the correct point in the film’s soundtrack to be effective. The text is also localised to fit the action but within the nature and period of the film and its cultural context. Subtitles usually have to be condensed to fit available time and space often because spoken dialogue is faster that our ability to read text and also because some languages expand in translation.

Voiceovers – instantaneous and quickly absorbed

Voiceovers serve the same purpose as subtitles but the style of delivery is completely different with the original speaker’s voice being replaced by a mother tongue speaker whose voice is laid over the soundtrack. Sometimes the complete soundtrack is replaced. Like subtitles, voiceovers are synchronised with the on-screen pictures and original soundtrack, although they generally require less condensing than subtitles as they are delivered at the rate of speech.

Let our expert voice over artists add authenticity to your work

If on the other hand you are working on a radio production, audio recording or simply prefer to hear authentic sounding voices in the language of your target audience, we can quickly arrange for professional voice-over artists to re-record all foreign dialogue in the required language(s) before it is overlaid onto the film or audio using the latest industry standard technology and recording equipment.

Our subtitling and voiceover experts have worked on many international projects for European production companies, radio stations and advertising agencies as well as smaller production outfits. We can comfortably accommodate any world language, making sure your voice over artist has the right style of voice, intonation and dialect to match your requirements exactly.

Why not call us today on 0800 102 63 17 or email a member of our team on who will be pleased to provide a competitive quote for all your subtitling and voiceover needs.