Face To Face Interpreting Services

Are you looking for a low cost face to face interpreter for your next meeting? We provide cost effective, quality driven face to face interpreters in all language combinations for all types of business requirements.

Before coming on board, we make sure that your face to face interpreter is carefully checked for their qualifications and experience. Many of our Face To Face Interpreters are registered with leading linguist bodies such as NRPSI and IoL and have passed important interpreting exams putting them at the very forefront of their profession.

Our Face To Face Interpreters always work into their mother tongue language and are experienced working with the language of your business sector having supported firms like yours all over the world with a variety of interpreting needs.

Whether you require a face to face legal interpreter, financial interpreter, government interpreter, education interpreter, social services interpreter, council interpreter, housing interpreter, medical interpreter, life sciences interpreter or media interpreter, UK Translation Services will match your individual requirement to a suitable interpreter who will make sure your work is accurately translated in a timely manner.

Where possible we always try to find you a local interpreter to help you save on otherwise costly travel time and mileage expenses. We have face to face interpreters available in most cities who can be booked in advance or at short notice to suit your exact needs.

If your meeting involves dealing with women or young children we are also happy to provide experienced female interpreters who are used to interpreting in sensitive situations where the need to take extra care is required. If your meetings are ongoing, we can also try to supply the same interpreter who is already up to speed with your particular situation to ensure greater continuity.

We appreciate that interpreting is not a 9 to 5 job, which is why we provide face to face interpreters 24/7, even during bank and public holidays to give you that extra bit of support you deserve. We can even arrange for a same day face to face interpreter or one at short notice at a price you’ll find extremely competitive. We can also provide face to face interpreters to meet you at the airport, accompany you to the hotel or attend out of hours social events meaning that we are flexible enough to fit around your every need.

Convenient face to face interpreters for any type of meeting

As one of our most important core services, we have a growing reputation for supplying only the most knowledgeable and experienced interpreters to all types of public and private sector organisations, right across the UK and overseas.

Our Face To Face Interpreters sometimes called Consecutive Interpreters come highly qualified in the language you require and have an in-depth understanding of your business sector and the terminology used. With over 6,000 face to face interpreters in more than 350 world languages, we have the resources to provide you with on-site interpreters for all types of situations from client meetings, interviews, business forums, market research, presentations, open days, receptions and social events, medical assessments, housing appointments and social services meetings.

If you have an ongoing need for interpreting services, we are also happy to provide you with a suitably qualified linguist who will act as your own resident interpreter, attending to your business needs both on your company premises or accompanying you to external meetings for as long as you require them.

Our Face To Face Interpreters can assimilate information easily and will fit smoothly into your organisation, whatever your industry or particular interpreting requirement. If you need a quick on-site translation at the same time, just let us know in advance and we will arrange this with our interpreter. All we ask is that you provide us with a basic overview of your requirement prior to making the booking so that we can assign the most suitably experienced individual to your request.

For more information on how face to face interpreters can help you, please call us on 0800 102 63 17 or email us at .