Technical Translation Services

Technical translators

Technical translation can be daunting especially when the same word or phrase can be easily misinterpreted in another language. It is not hard to imagine the consequences of what could happen when well-known multi-national firms like Bacardi have slipped up by advertising one of their drinks as ‘Pavian’, to suggest French chic, but which actually means baboon in Germany.

This is why we only work with experienced technical translators who know your field inside out and are experts in getting your document word perfect every time. Our Technical Team are carefully chosen not just for their language skills but also for their vast knowledge about their subject and for their ability to complete your project to a high level of accuracy within your budget and time constraints.

Your translation project is managed from day one by our knowledgeable and focused technical account managers who have years of industry experience and instinctively understand your needs so that an optimal solution is always reached that is practical, timely and cost effective. Mistakes in translation can be costly and ruin your brand’s reputation, which is why we follow strict quality control procedures that help to iron out inaccuracies and problem areas during the work process to avoid reworking and so that the end product is completely devoid of error.

Whatever your industry or product speciality, our Technical Translation Team will take a thorough approach to your project, referring to language glossaries and translation memory where necessary to ensure that your document is accurately translated and fully localised to provide a seamless transition to your target market. And with Accessorix – a unique project management tool – you can easily manage all bookings, upload translation files, extract and analyse costs data by simply logging in to your online account.