Telephonic Interpreting Services

Handy for when you need to speak to someone urgently or for just a few minutes, telephonic interpreters are convenient and cost effective.

At UK Translation Services we only work with the finest telephonic interpreters who are au fait with your business language and have supported clients all over the world with a wide range of interpreting needs.

Our Telephonic Interpreters come highly qualified as many have at least 2 years experience in telephonic interpreting while some are also members of leading UK interpreting associations such as Iol (Institute of Linguists) and ITI (Institute of Translation and Interpreting) so you know our interpreters are always quality driven.

Telephonic interpreters are on hand to assist you with a wide range of appointments, including:

  • Business meetings, supplier meetings, export sales, market research, telephone surveys.
  • Solicitor appointments, prison interviews, hospital appointments, housing interviews, medical assessments, police interviews.
  • Government procurement, patient interviews, financial surveys, legal advice, OHP assessments.
  • Shipping negotiations, call centre operations, overseas partner meetings, tele-sales/marketing, customer interviews, HR assessments.

Whenever you come to us we will make sure that your trained telephonic interpreter is familiar with your field of work and is practiced in the telephonic format. If your business language is highly technical or specialised, don’t worry as our Telephonic Interpreters have access to up to date language glossaries and databases should they need them.

The other good thing about our Telephonic Interpreters is that there are no costly set up fees, monthly bills or admin charges. You pay only for the time that you use with per second billing and support is provided 24/7 by our world class customer support team.

Telephonic interpreters make light work of your business

Our quick and highly convenient telephonic interpreting service is available 24/7 and can be accessed anywhere in the world, year round. Perfect for any phone conversation lasting from even 5 minutes up to 1 hour, our unique Telephonic Interpreters can connect you in seconds with clients, business partners, suppliers and overseas subsidiaries whatever the nature of your conversation.

We have invested much time and effort developing a conference call style telephonic interpreting service that is proven 99.99% stable and is backed by a world class customer services team.

Our Telephonic Interpreters are available in most languages and are specially trained in telephonic interpreting and call handling and are familiar with the terminology of your sector. You will also be pleased to learn that you are only charged for the time you use with per second billing and no costly set up charges, flat rates or monthly fees.

Key telephonic interpreting benefits include:

  • Over 150 languages covered.
  • Per second billing.
  • Mother tongue telephonic interpreters trained for telephone format.
  • Full use of language glossaries and databases for specialised subjects.
  • Unique account access code gives you unlimited use anywhere, anytime.
  • Comprehensive customer services support 24/7, 365 days a year .

To book or for more information on telephonic interpreters, please call us on 0800 102 63 17 or email us at